A real life crisis – and how RESQME comes to your aid

Being at home and seeing people jump over your perimeter wall into your property is a terrifying experience. This was the scary reality for one of our clients at her home in the Western Cape. 

Mrs Daniels* was at home with her elderly mother and daughter, her father had just left the property. They saw three men jump over the back wall and try to break into the house through the security gate.

As she wasn’t a member of a private home security company, she called the SA Police Service. Feeling vulnerable and isolated, she logged a call with RESQME just after 20h00. A tactical armed response team was immediately dispatched, and a further call to SAPS was placed. 

Understanding how frightened the client felt, the RESQME agent stayed in contact with her, while they both waited for the tactical response team to arrive. 

Within 20 minutes of receiving the call, RESQME arrived at the client’s house. The perpetrators managed to escape back over the wall but were later apprehended. 

At RESQME, we are committed to keeping our clients safe from harm, whether they are on the road or at home. Our experienced control room is available 24/7 to support you through your crisis, and our tactically qualified armed response teams will come to your aid and deliver protection to you and your family while your crisis is resolved.

Preventing and surviving a home invasion 

While you can’t stop an attempt at a home invasion, you can take precautions to deter potential criminals. Always ensure that all security gates are properly locked and keep a cellphone, which is fully charged and has enough data and airtime, with you at all times even if you are just watching TV.  

Always have your location “on” when you are at home – not just when you are travelling. Keep a second fully charged cellphone with airtime and data, with location “on”, in a safe room in your home. This designated room is where you should lock yourself and your family until help arrives. 

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