RESQME helps keep you safe during the festive season

As the holiday season fast approaches, we are reminded that this is one of the busiest times of the year. Unfortunately, not just for consumers, holidaymakers, and matriculants, but also for criminals.  

Luckily, assistance is always near with RESQME is just a touch of a button away! Here are some common situations where RESQME can help keep you and your loved ones safe.  

Safety is all the (Matric) Rage  

The matric year is drawing to a close, and for many, this means the beginning of the long-awaited holiday season. While matric vacation, or vac as it is affectionately known, is likely to be the most-anticipated event of the year for your teenager, it is likely to be the source of much anxiety and dread for you as the parent.  

RESQME is a great way to allow your teenager to enjoy the rite of passage that is Matric Rage, while simultaneously giving you peace of mind knowing that they have a panic button on hand, AKA on their phones, which let’s be honest they can never go without. So, if they’re in a risky situation while on foot or travelling by car they can immediately request help from RESQME’s 24-hour emergency and armed response teams. Plus, RESQME’s system enables you to choose a package that is best suited for your individual situation and can be set from one day’s service to 30 day’s service.  

In addition to this, you as the parent can remind your teenager to enjoy their newfound freedom responsibly by: 

  • Discouraging them from carrying around large amounts of cash. 
  • Educating them on the risks of accepting drinks from strangers and leaving drinks unattended. 
  • Arranging safe transportation for them to get to their destination and transport to get around while they are on vac. 

Getting holiday shopping safety in the bag 

We’re all guilty of leaving our holiday shopping to the last minute, and crowded areas make it easier for criminals to pickpocket or steal something out of a trolley or shopping bag. Furthermore, many shopping centres have extended hours during the festive season, giving shoppers the opportunity to shop in the evening. This can pose a risk as walking to your car in the dark, even if it is in a parkade, increases your chances of being mugged. It is important to remember that the majority of holiday crimes are crimes of opportunity meaning that they are not premeditated or planned, but rather the criminal sees an opportunity and acts on it.  

Tips to stay safe when doing holiday shopping:  

  • Carry your handbag close to your body and ensure that it is always zipped. 
  • Never keep valuables in your back pocket. 
  • Park in secure and well-lit parking when possible and within sight of security guards. 
  • Avoid drawing large sums of cash.  

Another way you can stay safe during your holiday shopping is with your RESQME panic button which can be accessed via your mobile phone. Should you feel unsafe while walking to your car or driving home from the mall at night you can press your button and one of our trained guards will assist you. That’s right. Your phone is good for much more than just comparing sale prices!  

Keeping road safety on track  

South Africa’s roads are notoriously unsafe, but this is especially true during the festive season when thousands of holidaymakers travel across the country. What’s more, is that there has been a marked increase in the number of hijackings with an average of one car stolen every 22 minutes. As with most of the country’s crime statistics, the highest number of cases are reported in major metropolitan areas.  

Wherever you go this holiday season, RESQME is always with you. With national coverage and armed response teams deployed all over major metros, you can travel knowing that help from ResQ1 is never far. Simply keep your phone charged and close by, not just to plan your route or create your playlist, but also to access emergency assistance at the touch of a button.  

Some additional advice on improving your road safety: 

  • Try to avoid driving in the dark. 
  • Keep your phone’s location on.  
  • When you drive long distances, pre-plan your trip and take regular rest stops. 
  • Do not stop on the side of the road, instead take breaks at petrol stations. 

Supporting the entertainer’s safety and dream  

While home robbery is the second most common type of crime all year round, there is a pronounced spike during the festive season. This is partly due to the fact that home robberies are more common during the summer months as people tend to keep their windows and doors open for ventilation.  

Furthermore, this time of year is synonymous with parties and get-togethers which are often hosted outdoors, creating an easy target for criminals. To mitigate these risks, keep your phone close by. Besides the added benefit of being able to follow that malva pudding recipe to a tee, this will also ensure that you can press your RESQME button if the worst is to happen. With a team of highly trained and dedicated call operators at your service 24/7/365, you can celebrate and entertain knowing that emergency assistance is always at hand.  

Here are some more ways to reduce your risk of a home robbery: 

  • Ask a neighbour or friend to collect your mail and move objects around so that it is not clearly visible that there is no one at home.  
  • Do not leave doors open if there is no security gate. 
  • Stay alert and keep vigilant when greeting or seeing friends off. 

No matter how you plan on spending your holidays, RESQME is here to make sure that you have the safety, security and peace of mind needed to make the most out of the festive season. 

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