An efficient debt management software solution developed bespoke for industry by industry.


According to the South African Human Right Commission stats released in 2021, more than 50% (19 million) of South Africa’s credit-active consumers are over-indebted and in need of some form of debt assistance.

South Africans are spending 75% of their take home pay on debt (SARB). Close on a million consumers in South Africa are currently in debt review (VeriCred Credit Bureau).

The industry knowledge of debt industry role-players places them in a unique position to collaborate and create innovative technology-centred solutions for the industry.


A software company, combining technology innovation with debt management processes, in the form of a bespoke software solution, to create holistic financial wellness.

The Infinity Solution, developed by Wealthtec, in conjunction with industry partners, offers a customised system that gives careful consideration to every step in the debt management process and challenges the status quo of the sector.

The system is a complementary tool to current debt management systems, with add-on features and streamlined functionality, offering ease of use and improved back-office management.


Development Partners

Infinity Solutions, AJ Consultants, Finwell Legal Services, IMB Financial Services

Validation and Verification Integration Partners

Debicheck, Experian, Intercom, Power BI

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